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PostWysłany: Czw Sty 16, 2020 10:49    Temat postu: Odpowiedz z cytatem

Few professional dog trainers recommend punishment as a viable method for encouraging desired behaviors. Positive reinforcement through giving rewards (i.e. dog treats) has largely replaced punishment. For example Courtney Lee Mavericks Jersey , if you were training your pooch to sit, you would avoid punishing him for failing to comply. Instead, you would reward him when he finally manages to respond correctly to your command.

The challenge with using positive reinforcement is that rewards must be provided quickly. Otherwise, your dog will fail to make the connection between his response and your reward. Because it is often difficult to provide treats immediately (for example, when your pooch is far away from you) Steve Nash Mavericks Jersey , a stand-in is required. This is the purpose of a clicker.

Below, we'll explain how clicker training works and describe the steps involved with introducing it to your pet. We'll also provide a few training routines to get you and your canine started.

Create The Connection

Your dog will not instinctively know what clicks mean. For this reason, you'll need to create the connection for him. Prepare a small bowl of his favorite treats; bite-sized pieces of cheese, chicken, or pasta are always good choices. Then Jason Kidd Mavericks Jersey , find an area of your home or yard where your canine will not be distracted.

To help him associate the noise from the clicker with something he desires (i.e. pieces of chicken), click and immediately give him a treat. Do this several times to cement the association in his mind.

Make Him Earn The Treats

The next step is to begin actively using the clicker during training sessions. Start with commands he has successfully completed in the past. Whenever he responds correctly, click and provide a treat. Gradually transition from commands he knows well to those he has yet to master.

Normally, you will want to withhold the click and reward until your dog has fully complied with your command. For example, if you tell him to "come" to you from across the room Boban Marjanovic Jersey , only click - and provide a reward - when he reaches you.

There may be times when your canine seems especially hesitant to perform a given task, and you suspect he merely needs encouragement. In such cases, use the clicker to let him know he is on the right track. The association between the click and receiving a treat has already been established in his mind. Hearing the clicker may influence him to complete the task. As a side note, use this method sparingly. Otherwise, your canine may grow accustomed to receiving the click - and by association Delon Wright Jersey , your approval - for completing commands halfway.

Introduce Uncertainty Into The Training

You'll eventually want to wean your dog from the treats for completing commands he has mastered. The clicker can be an effective tool for accomplishing this. Up to this point, your canine has learned to expect a reward immediately following a click. This expectation was valuable in the beginning, but should be allowed to erode.

Rather than continuing to provide a treat immediately after a click, sporadically let four or five seconds elapse. This will teach your dog that a click means he has done something well, though he may not receive an immediate reward. The thought of future food Justin Jackson Jersey , however, is enough to keep him motivated.

Ideas For Training Routines

You can use the clicker in practically every type of training you do with your canine. For example, if he jumps on you, wait until he has all four feet firmly on the ground. Then, click and give him a treat.

If you're teaching your dog to sit Kostas Antetokounmpo Jersey , and he's having difficulty complying, place a treat in your hand and close your fingers. Then, move your hand slowly over his head toward his back. As he watches it, he will sit naturally. When he does so, click and provide a treat.

The clicker is also an ideal training tool for teaching your dog to come to you when you call him. Sit across a room from him and say Jalen Brunson Jersey , "come." The simpler the command, the better. When he comes the entire way, click and give him a treat.

Clicker training offers an alternative to carrying a pocketful of dog treats. Used properly, your canine will quickly recognize the click as a sign he's doing what you wish.
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